So we are almost on the other side of covid and most of its ramifications thanks to science, people working together, and our government handing out lots of free money. 

The economy is powering back, right?

Well, sort of.

There are a few consequences of the shutdown that we will have to sort out first. One of the biggest is INFLATION. 

I do believe that the government and the Fed Chair of Finance did what they needed to do to get us through our entire economy being shut down. Those stimulus packages saved a lot of businesses. They also kept many people from becoming homeless and helped keep the poverty level from significantly increasing and thank God for that.  

But, the way in which the stimulus was done required the central bank to print lots more money. When I say more money, I mean tons of it. In fact, in 2020 alone the US Government borrowed 3.5 Trillion (with a BIG T) from the central bank and far more into 2021. 

That’s almost 30% of all the money ever created in US history.

Now, I’m not going to argue whether that was a good decision or not, but the simple fact is there WILL be major repercussions. I don’t believe any economist will deny that.

Here are the facts:

When there is a large fast influx of free money into the financial system, people start spending and demand rises for everything. When demand rises quickly for many things that weren’t in high demand previously, we end up with shortages because of low stock and a shortage of people in the workforce. When there are shortages in the workforce (which we are experiencing as we speak) employers have to raise wages in order to entice quality employees to work for them. When wages increase, the only way that companies can make up for this is to raise prices on their goods and the cycle begins.

The fact is, the cycle is on a fast track to what’s called hyperinflation.

What this means to all of us is that your dollar will not go as far as it did before, and that is dangerous to our economy as a whole in addition to your family’s personnel economy.

So what’s the solution?

Buy Real Estate!

How will that solve my problem? Let me explain….

Right now interest rates are as low as they have ever been in history and borrowing money is cheap. The great thing about real estate is as the price of everything rises, so does real estate. The sooner you get in, the sooner you take advantage of those rising values and increase your equity, thereby increasing your rental income. So the more inflation increases, the more money you put in your pocket. 

There truly is no better way to beat inflation.

But what if I don’t want to be a landlord and fix toilets and have to deal with bad tenants not paying their rent and damaging my property? Isn’t there any other way?

Yes, there is. 

You can invest and own part of a large apartment complex in a very strong market location by partnering with a reputable company like 1 Vision Capital, LLC.

You will still receive the profits, the equity, and the tax benefits of owning real estate without having to deal with all the hassles of being a landlord. We take care of all of that for you. 

We make sure each property has been vetted to fit very specific criteria that have been proven for a very high yield investment. 

Most people anticipate that you have to be rich to buy an apartment complex. Actually, the way most apartments are purchased (as well as malls, commercial buildings, etc) is by many people investing together to make larger and far more profitable deals together than they could on their own. That’s exactly how this works. 

We have the proficiency, experience, and knowledge to take care of all aspects of the deal including finding the right property, securing the loan, asset management, property management, asset management, and ultimately the sale of the property. So you get all the benefits without all the hassles.

The best part is: YOU will Profit from inflation.


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