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Helping You Achieve Financial Freedom Through Multi-family Investments

Multifamily Real Estate is the Key to Retiring Early

Our strategy is to purchase assets that allow us the opportunity to add value. The property may be in need of renovation, the rents may be under market, or we find distressed sellers who are eager to sell.

When we apply the renovations and bring in our new high-quality management teams, tenants are happy to pay higher rents, thereby increasing the cash flow to our investors as well as adding tremendous value to the property.

The buildings we seek tend to be B to C type assets located in areas that are rapidly improving. This gives us the opportunity to purchase an undervalued asset in a good area, thus allowing us to create value for the investors within 2-3 years. At that time we may re-finance to return the investors’ principal but maintain their equity ownership and cash flow.

Along with the tremendous tax benefits, there truly is no better asset class to invest in.

“With economies that scale, tax advantages, and mitigated risk, multifamily investments can provide cash flow to passive investors without the hands-on management and demands of single family investments” – M. Elizondo

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Passive investing through real estate is one the safest and fastest way to reach your financial goals. Just reach out to us and let us answer any questions you might have.

3. Invest in The Right Deal

Let us review our multifamily opportunities with you. And help you determine what fits you best. We will guide you step by step and help you see how easy the process can be.

4. Track Your Investments

Track your investments with our online portal as you receive your quarterly distributions and annual reporting as you watch your money grow!

5. Re-Invest Your Money to keep it Growing

Live the life you want to live sooner by reinvesting your money, receiving better than average returns and find out how compounding interest works to help you to retire early!
Its not how you make its how much you keep, and the tax benefits of multifamily will help you keep more of your money!
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Casey Purvis Investor 1 Vision Capital LLC
VP of Investor Relations

Casey Purvis

I am an entrepreneur who invests in multifamily real estate. My company focuses on markets with strong growth potential and utilizes a strategy of purchasing properties that allow us to add value, which improves the lives of the tenants as well as significantly increasing the value of the property.

There's nothing better than improving people's lives while protecting our investor's capital.

I spent 32 years in the construction industry as an electrician/contractor and have built numerous businesses from the ground up. I also am the co-owner of multiple music production companies for television and film, called the Legacy Music Project and Vision1Music that have licensed thousands of pieces of music for Television and Film over the last 12 years. This stems from my huge passion for music and creating.

That same passion drives me to create safe and lucrative investments for our clients.

I have been blessed with many gifted mentors in the multifamily industry that have taught me invaluable lessons.

Trust me, I have made mistakes and those are the things I learned from the most. But fortunately because of those mentors, I never fell far.

Now I get to pay that forward by training others in this industry and helping to provide financial freedom to our investors. That is something that gives me tremendous satisfaction.

I am also incredibly fortunate to have an amazing team of associates in our company that is extremely driven but cautious to make sure we look at every aspect of a deal, mitigate risk, and maximize potential. This is the formula of our success.

VP of Marketing

Melissa Elizondo

Melissa Elizondo is a real estate investor, marketing guru, and local influencer.

For 12 years Ms. Elizondo was a successful real estate broker and property manager with offices in New Braunfels and Waco, Texas. Along with her employees, she managed over 400 single residential properties totaling nearly $80 million in assets.
Ms. Elizondo was in the top 25 list of top-producing real estate agents in the entire area for 5 years in a row.

In 2016, she pivoted her career toward marketing and opened a marketing agency - Heartwood Marketing Solutions. This agency has helped countless local businesses increase their revenue while optimizing visibility and clarifying their sales messages. Heartwood Marketing Solutions continues to thrive in a competitive and uncertain market.
Ms. Elizondo has become known as a local influencer due to her esteemed status among her wide network of peers.

As a real estate investor, she has helped flip and sell residential homes as well as add value and hold her income-producing properties.

Melissa Elizondo is now a general partner in 1 Vision Capital LLC. She brings her experience, network, and expertise to the company in order to help make 1 Vision Capital a tremendous success for shareholders, business partners, and investors.

VP of Operations

Jeremy Kane

VP of Finances

Curtis Schrader

Curtis Schrader has been in the accounting and finance world for 35 years, mastering different roles in the accounting realm.

He began his professional career in the USAF performing the duties of Accounts Payable Accountant achieving the level of Base Funds Certifier prior to his enlistment completion. After the USAF he received his Bachelors in Accounting from Texas State University in 1994 and began his first job as an Insurance Premium Auditor in San Antonio, Texas. In 1996 made a move to Houston where he accepted the role of Asst. Controller for Houston Community Newspapers consisting of 14 local papers. Upon sale of company began working as an Asst. Controller for Anything Supply, a materials supply company in approximately 12 cities for the Multi-Family apartment industry.

In 2000 was offered a chance to further his career at Eagleton Engineering as a Controller and eventually offered and accepted a small partnership position with the firm. In 2015 Jacobs Engineering was purchased by Worley Group, Inc. Upon sale he became the Lead Project Accountant on two Major Capital Projects Shell Vito and Shell Whale Offshore platforms for Shell Offshore. These two projects have design to completion a build life span of 7 years and will upon completion cost appr. 3 billion dollars to complete. He also acts as the Business Mgr. for the Jacobs Consultancy group encompassing Subject Matter Experts currently 45 Project Managers in the Hydro-Carbons and Renewable Energy Markets worldwide. In 2019 Jacobs Engineering was sold to Worley, Inc. he still operates in the same roles currently.

Curtis is an accounting professional with experience in major construction project accounting, budget, forecasting, and financial statement preparation, as well as asset management for many types of industries. His role with 1 Vision Capital will to be use his vast accounting experience to perform any accounting functions necessary for the operation of multi-family properties owned.

VP of Aquisitions

Corey Coccia

General Partner

Michelle Hinsley-Purvis


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